Upcoming Events

Join our Facebook group to get invited to all of our live events. Except for the secret ones. You don’t get to come to those.

Here’s what we have on tap right now:

  • Februrary 4 – Our monthly show at The Granada promises to dazzle and amaze, as usual.
  • February 6 KC Crossroads Comedy at The Fishtank. Come to the artsiest district in KC for a night of fart jokes.
  • February 10 – Comedy Night at the Barrel House:  Because pianos can only duel for so long.
  • February 13 – Improv Thunderdome at Westport Coffeehouse. Come support Those People as they compete against the best improv teams Kansas City has to offer. As Michelangelo once said, “Being an artist is about kicking everybody’s ass with your art.” Call 913-375-5168 to make reservations.

Check out our past shows here.


One response to “Upcoming Events

  1. Hi,
    Heads Up is so excited to have your group for Improv Comedy Night in Paola, this Friday.
    Looking so forward to see you and meeting your group. See you on April 30th.

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