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Welcome, Internet!

Our Charlie St. Cloud Inception theory has gotten a little bit of buzz, and as a result we’ve had a few new readers here at the blog. And by “a few,” I mean “more than twice as many readers as the entire rest of the blog’s existence combined.”

Those People mostly does live improv comedy shows in the Lawrence/Kansas City area. In September, we’re performing at the Kansas City Improv Festival alongside acts like Der Monkenpickel (featuring SNL’s Jason Sudeikis). Our blog is pretty sparse, but we plan on posting some fun stuff in the near future, and we’d like you to stick around.  So we encourage you to subscribe to our blog using the “You Want Mail? You’ve Got Mail” box over on the right.

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We hope to see you again soon!

-Those People


“Dare you take a leap of faith?”

The shores of your own subconscious (or Quincy, MA).

Last night, I went to the movie theater to once again experience one of the most satisfying, mind-blowing cinematic adventures of all time. It’s the film event that has everybody buzzing, the existential phenomenon that has us questioning the very concept of reality.

I’m talking, of course, about the trailer for Charlie St. Cloud.

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