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How the F*ck did we get so many views?

As our hit count tidal wave recedes back to the water, we ask ourselves how the fuck did 4,000 plus people visit our website in the past two days? To put it in perspective, our most recent spike came on  April 25 when we cashed in a whopping 46 internet-goers. I decide to do research.

On July 25 we posted a piece entitled “Dare You Take a Leap of Faith?” A supple, yet refined critique of a soon-to-be cinematic treasure “Charlie St. Cloud” starring Zack Efron. I know and we know when Mr. Efrom is a hand chiseled, Robert Duvall/ELVIS hybrid, one of a kind talent, but do people google his name that many times a day? A record day like yesterday, could it be possible that a small percentage of that very crowd accidently stumbled on our relatively miniscule blog post while searching for anything and everything Zack Effron?  My hypothesis forms….

Either way you look at it, it is definitely plausible. Though, like true scientists, we will test my hypothesis. In doing so, we will tag this post with misleading labels and one-word descriptions such as: “Oil spill, ‘Tits,’ ‘Hurricane,’ ‘Nude Celebs,’ and, of course, ‘Efron,’ ‘Zac,’ ‘Charlie St. Cloud.” We will see…

There will be a follow-up of statistically charged analysis of this proposed data shortly.

-Those People