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Nude Celeb Zac Efron Tits on Oil Spill “How the F*ck” follow up

Unfortunately, our hypotheses as to why we got so many hits in the past few days is unfounded. You can rest assured that our exponential outburst of views was not a case repeated incidental happen upons. Our conclusion derives from an experiment aforementioned in this blogpost’s predecessor that we deliberately tagged misleading labels to  (i.e., “tits,’ oil spill,’ etc.”)

Only after typing in “nude celeb zac efron tits on oil spill” in to Google did our post finally appear, albeit in the sixth slot (behind Zac Efron poses with nude babe, teenage girls cry. and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Transforms Into Nude Lady – MashCeleb). Accordingly, we believe the average internet search engine user types a maximum of two words per search, and, also, the probability of specifically hunting for “nude celeb zac efron tits on oil spill” falls just on the unbelievable side of farfetched.

Conclusion: http://www.Videogum.com uploading our (Alex Nichols) piece is the major contributor to our site’s recent success.