Check out what the critics have to say about the hottest comedy group in the Kansas City area:

“…Lawrence’s Those People…[!]” – The Pitch

We’ve also been profiled by some of the most prestigious newspapers in Kansas. Check it out!

  • The Lawrence Journal-World made journalism history by being the first newspaper to juxtapose the words “serious” and “funny” in an article about comedians. Lots of super-passionate quotes about impov in there.
  • The Mirror of Tonganoxie, Kansas reported on our dramatic upset victory in the first round of Improv Thunderdome in March of 2009.
  • The Miami County Republic reported on JT Nagle’s glorious return to Paola for our 2009 Christmas dinner show. JT talks about how great he is and how everybody loves him and how stylish his vests are. Also mentions Those People.
  • The Louisburg Herald recognizes that three members of Those People performed in Miami County! Right under the booooring stuff about scholarships and hospital volunteers

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