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Nude Celeb Zac Efron Tits on Oil Spill “How the F*ck” follow up

Unfortunately, our hypotheses as to why we got so many hits in the past few days is unfounded. You can rest assured that our exponential outburst of views was not a case repeated incidental happen upons. Our conclusion derives from an experiment aforementioned in this blogpost’s predecessor that we deliberately tagged misleading labels to  (i.e., “tits,’ oil spill,’ etc.”)

Only after typing in “nude celeb zac efron tits on oil spill” in to Google did our post finally appear, albeit in the sixth slot (behind Zac Efron poses with nude babe, teenage girls cry. and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Transforms Into Nude Lady – MashCeleb). Accordingly, we believe the average internet search engine user types a maximum of two words per search, and, also, the probability of specifically hunting for “nude celeb zac efron tits on oil spill” falls just on the unbelievable side of farfetched.

Conclusion: uploading our (Alex Nichols) piece is the major contributor to our site’s recent success.


“Dare you take a leap of faith?”

The shores of your own subconscious (or Quincy, MA).

Last night, I went to the movie theater to once again experience one of the most satisfying, mind-blowing cinematic adventures of all time. It’s the film event that has everybody buzzing, the existential phenomenon that has us questioning the very concept of reality.

I’m talking, of course, about the trailer for Charlie St. Cloud.

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Those People Alum Gets E-Published

Those People Alum Shawn Bowers has been electronically published in the esteemed Internet literary journal McSweeneys. It’s safe to say that without his invaluable comedy experience as a member of Those People, he never would have achieved this or the massive wealth that he has received as a result. Yes, that’s yet another famous Those Person! We’re becoming a star factory on par with SNL, American Idol and Jersey Shore.

Read Shawn’s very funny piece here.

Those People makes its national television debut!

Former Those Person and current Los Angeles resident Ryan Klamen was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and he shined like a bright shiny star!

Ryan pokes his cute little face out at :33.  He does some great listening, laughs like a champ and only looks at himself in the monitor twice! Now that’s the kind of top-notch professionalism that only membership in Those People can teach you.  We’re proud of our departed brother and think this clip will make a great addition to his demo reel. Next stop: Ellen!

Upright Citizens Brigade/NYC trip

Went to Upright Citizens Brigade theatre last night and saw Pete from 30 Rock and his attractive lady partner do some wonderful long form comedy!

Things Learned from this adventure.

1. You DO NOT need more than two people to make a successful improv scene

2. Scott Adsit is not as bald as he seems

3.  Scott Adsit is much funnier than me.

New Years Resolution: Bring more funny to the table, and less potato salad.

ALSO!!!!! Been writing / developing ideas. Stay tuned for the Just Woke Up Talk Show with JT and Chris!

Nocturnal Prophecy

I had a prophecy last night.  I dreamt of meeting Donald Glover, an actor commonly known for his work in a series of silly, humorous sketches done by a him and his college friends in a group called “Derrick Comedy.”  Derrick Comedy’s work can be found here.

More recently, he’s been winning awards for co-writing episodes of “30 Rock” (you know, that show that everybody likes) and also has a recurring role on the new comedic television show “Community” (you know, the show that I like).  And on a personal note, people tell me I act like him.

Anyway, I was honored to meet the man.  And we hit it off!  We laughed at the same jokes and held hands and walked down the red carpet together in a totally not gay way.  It’s true.  Fame and fortune seemed just within my grasp.

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