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LOVE LOUNGE: Benjamin Crantz, Professor of Literature

Those People is sponsored by Love Lounge, the hottest dating site on the Internet. This month’s featured Love Lounger is Professor Benjamin Crantz. Try not to be seduced by his sultry voice and literary genius.


Those People heart the YOUTUBE

Here is one installment in a series of groundbreaking new videos we have made.

Check it out and tell your friends.

Thoughts of Depth with JT

The other day I was pondering my life while watching The Learning Channel…I immediately wanted to go to the circus.

Point of story: The Learning Channel is the closest thing us civilized Americans have to the “Freak Shows” of Ye Olden Days.  Back when laws were lax enough for us normal folks to enjoy bearded women and siamese little people (You can still enjoy both of those today, but it is WAYYYY more expensive).

New Goal: Take fertility pills until I have 28 offspring.


I do not happen to be nearly as funny on an individual level as my peers in “TP”*. That being said, I have been blessed with dashing good looks, which no doubt contributes to my involvement with “TP”*. It’s a known fact that 7 out of 10 times I am able to contribute in a positive way to any group scene. The other 3/10 of scenes I perform in are drastically improved by the mere presence of my hot bod. When I am funny however, I’m hilarious.

For instance, the following is a conversation held between myself and a certain female member of “TP”*…

A: “You are drunk!”

B: “No I am not!”

A: “Yes you are!”

B:  “Prove it!”

A: “You are drunk!”

B:”. . .touche. . .”

*note: I am fully aware that the initials “TP”, while used in reference to “Those People” could also be mistaken for representing “Toilet Paper”, I was going to change this, but then I found it strangely appropriate…