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Those People heart the YOUTUBE

Here is one installment in a series of groundbreaking new videos we have made.

Check it out and tell your friends.


Nude Celeb Zac Efron Tits on Oil Spill “How the F*ck” follow up

Unfortunately, our hypotheses as to why we got so many hits in the past few days is unfounded. You can rest assured that our exponential outburst of views was not a case repeated incidental happen upons. Our conclusion derives from an experiment aforementioned in this blogpost’s predecessor that we deliberately tagged misleading labels to  (i.e., “tits,’ oil spill,’ etc.”)

Only after typing in “nude celeb zac efron tits on oil spill” in to Google did our post finally appear, albeit in the sixth slot (behind Zac Efron poses with nude babe, teenage girls cry. and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Transforms Into Nude Lady – MashCeleb). Accordingly, we believe the average internet search engine user types a maximum of two words per search, and, also, the probability of specifically hunting for “nude celeb zac efron tits on oil spill” falls just on the unbelievable side of farfetched.

Conclusion: uploading our (Alex Nichols) piece is the major contributor to our site’s recent success.

Those People Alum Gets E-Published

Those People Alum Shawn Bowers has been electronically published in the esteemed Internet literary journal McSweeneys. It’s safe to say that without his invaluable comedy experience as a member of Those People, he never would have achieved this or the massive wealth that he has received as a result. Yes, that’s yet another famous Those Person! We’re becoming a star factory on par with SNL, American Idol and Jersey Shore.

Read Shawn’s very funny piece here.

Overheard In-Class Conversations

Just a quick story:

So, earlier today I meandered into one of my classes taking a seat behind these two girls. I didn’t know anyone in the class so, naturally, I filled my time by eavesdropping on their conversation…it goes as follows:

Red Head: I went to that concert over the break!

Brunette: Oh yeah! How was that?

Red Head: Not very fun actually, everyone was married.  And the drummer was, like, you know…[eyes open widely]…and I could feel it in my stomach after that.

Brunette: [in affirmation] Right.

WHAT!?!?!? What could she have possibly been implying?

Those People makes its national television debut!

Former Those Person and current Los Angeles resident Ryan Klamen was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and he shined like a bright shiny star!

Ryan pokes his cute little face out at :33.  He does some great listening, laughs like a champ and only looks at himself in the monitor twice! Now that’s the kind of top-notch professionalism that only membership in Those People can teach you.  We’re proud of our departed brother and think this clip will make a great addition to his demo reel. Next stop: Ellen!