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Credits Sketch with an Alum

Those People Alum, Jon Matteson, stayed up late one lonely night 3 weeks ago and wrote this Credits sketch with me.  There was much laughing.

Scratch that.  We weren’t laughing.  It was guffawing, in specific.

–Tosin Morohunfola & Jon Matteson

p.s. You’ll need to be logged on to Facebook to view this video.

p.p.s.  Sorry Doug, there’s no actual movie.  This film has not been made.


Nocturnal Prophecy

I had a prophecy last night.  I dreamt of meeting Donald Glover, an actor commonly known for his work in a series of silly, humorous sketches done by a him and his college friends in a group called “Derrick Comedy.”  Derrick Comedy’s work can be found here.

More recently, he’s been winning awards for co-writing episodes of “30 Rock” (you know, that show that everybody likes) and also has a recurring role on the new comedic television show “Community” (you know, the show that I like).  And on a personal note, people tell me I act like him.

Anyway, I was honored to meet the man.  And we hit it off!  We laughed at the same jokes and held hands and walked down the red carpet together in a totally not gay way.  It’s true.  Fame and fortune seemed just within my grasp.

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