Those People is a comedy group based in Lawrence, Kansas. There are rumors that they have caused laughter on several occasions. Snopes.com has yet to confirm this.

Ever since being established in October 2007, Those People has performed far more longform improv than so-called “genius” Oscar Wilde ever did. Comprised entirely of University of Kansas students, Those People performs at least once a month at The Barrel House in Lawrence, as well as at other venues as varied and venerable as The Granada, the Kansas Union, Westport Coffeehouse, Lucky Brewgrille and Evergreen Events in Paola, Kansas. Come to one of their shows and mention this bio for a discount so secret, the guy taking the money at the door won’t even know about it!

Those People are:

Doug Altman
Amy Virginia Buchanan
Garrett Kelly
Spencer Lott
Chris McGillivray
Tosin Morohunfola
JT Nagle
Alex Nichols

Those People’s esteemed alumni are:

Shawn Bowers

Ryan Klamen

Jon Matteson


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