Christopher’s Dream Journal IV

I awoke to find myself in bed with a real female woman.  It was time to use the restroom.  She woke up as I was attempting to climb over her and out the door.  She asked me what I was doing, and I replied that I had to pee.  She ominously told me that I might run into her friend, Maggie, while I was using the toilet.  At first I was confused,  but then the urge to urinate overcame by emotions, and I scuttled away.

As I was peeing,  a quiet, young girl’s, ghostly voice murmured from behind the shower curtain, “I’m Maaaaggieeeeee McFlaaaaaaskyyyyy.”  The curtain wafted closer to me, and I painfully cut my errand short and ran back into the woman’s room.

Upon my frightened entrance, I saw that the woman was no longer in her bed, but by her window laughing hysterically.  I understandably and calmly asked her “What the fuck was that?!”  She showed me a glass flask she was holding and informed me that her apartment complex was built in an odd way that she could talk into a glass flask out her window and her voice would be heard as a little girl’s ghost voice and a breeze would occur in the restroom.  Then I woke up.


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