Monthly Archives: February 2010

Christopher’s Dream Journal III

I was parked outside of the KU recreation center and my car was busted somehow.  This jerk came up to the car and just started  yanking parts off of it saying “This’ll fix her up real good.”  Then tossing the parts to the ground.  I went into the gym to find someone who could help me and all I found was a beautiful girl named Jamie.  She had red hair, that’s how I knew she was beautiful.  I said “There’s this guy pulling parts off of my car, and I think that he should stop.  Can you help me?”  She giggled and just said “Oh that’s just Barley.  He hangs around here doing that all the time; I’ll get him.”  When I Went back outside to the lot, they had flooded it with water and set up 3 basketball hoops.  Barley tossed me a ball.  My car was gone.  So Jamie, Barley, and I started playing pool basketball, and Barley was taking it pretty seriously.  I’m not great at basketball normally but this water and Barley being an asshole about it was really making it difficult.  Jamie kept giggling whenever she got the ball and Barley kept tackling her into the water whenever she had possession.  I think that’s a foul, and Barley just being a dick.  Then I woke up with a sore throat.


Christopher’s Dream Journal II

I had a dream last night where I was in some movie.  I woke up and now I can’t remember what movie I was in, or if it was a movie that’s even been made.