Christopher’s Dream Journal

There I was, in a mediocre Charter Bus driven by John Travolta.  The sign said his name was John Travolta, but he actually looked like a math teacher from my middle school.  However, this Travolta and the famous one shared a passion for operating passenger carriers.  Buses, Planes, it doesn’t matter to those Travolta’s.

Travolta pulls over and picks up the entire Kansas University football team.  A very chubby Kerry Meier with a feathered mullett slides next to me and begins to act a little TOO friendly.  He takes my arm and places it around his shoulders.

We spot a funnel cloud forming in the distance, which grows bigger and bigger and eventually touches down as Travolta drives us directly towards it.

Then I woke up and had to pee.  There’s a lot of homosexual undertones in that dream.  Huh.


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