My thoughts, with Garrett Kelly

Justin Bieber, child sensation and musical prodigy, could be called a baby by some.  The legal definition of a baby being that he is under the age of 18.  Well, this baby has new hit song titled “One less lonely girl”  where he talks about how once he makes this girl his girlfriend, he will save the world one lonely girl at a time.

My thoughts:

Justin Bieber is extremely rich and famous, and he has a blazing hot body to top it off.  BLAZING!  So the girl that he deems suitable is probably pretty attractive.  Justin Bieber is seen with Selena Gomez, the beautiful girl who Justin is saving from loneliness.   The problem is that in the real world this girl would have no trouble finding a guy like ….me.  So if Justin Bieber truly wants to save a girl from loneliness he should take himself off the market.  Therefore shifting all the girls down one level, and making it so that one extra guy or girl who was just not attractive enough for the last girl or guy can find love.

So Justin Bieber, please save the world from one less lonely girl by dating a girl that I can get.  That way I can get a girl I can’t get.


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