I do not happen to be nearly as funny on an individual level as my peers in “TP”*. That being said, I have been blessed with dashing good looks, which no doubt contributes to my involvement with “TP”*. It’s a known fact that 7 out of 10 times I am able to contribute in a positive way to any group scene. The other 3/10 of scenes I perform in are drastically improved by the mere presence of my hot bod. When I am funny however, I’m hilarious.

For instance, the following is a conversation held between myself and a certain female member of “TP”*…

A: “You are drunk!”

B: “No I am not!”

A: “Yes you are!”

B:  “Prove it!”

A: “You are drunk!”

B:”. . .touche. . .”

*note: I am fully aware that the initials “TP”, while used in reference to “Those People” could also be mistaken for representing “Toilet Paper”, I was going to change this, but then I found it strangely appropriate…


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