Nocturnal Prophecy

I had a prophecy last night.  I dreamt of meeting Donald Glover, an actor commonly known for his work in a series of silly, humorous sketches done by a him and his college friends in a group called “Derrick Comedy.”  Derrick Comedy’s work can be found here.

More recently, he’s been winning awards for co-writing episodes of “30 Rock” (you know, that show that everybody likes) and also has a recurring role on the new comedic television show “Community” (you know, the show that I like).  And on a personal note, people tell me I act like him.

Anyway, I was honored to meet the man.  And we hit it off!  We laughed at the same jokes and held hands and walked down the red carpet together in a totally not gay way.  It’s true.  Fame and fortune seemed just within my grasp.

But then I woke up.

Sadly, my short distance from Success had suddenly returned to the length of a football field.  As fast as this newcomer Donald Glover has risen to the top is as slow as I would rise.  It’ll take time to be the wanted commodity that he is now.

But then I remembered… that DerrickComedy makes comedic sketches really just like Those People aspires to do.  Then I remembered… People love Those People!  We’re a staple of Lawrence, Kansas Comedy.  And finally I remembered… that we almost did a show WITH DerrickComedy.  2 months ago while they were touring and advertising their movie, they asked to open for us at the Granada in an effort to publicize their film!

It filled me with joy.  Because, in remembering all that, I realized that we are there already.  We’re but a hop and skip away for Success.  We are the next big thing.  Step aside DerrickComedy!  Step aside Donald Glover!  Step aside Danny Glover!  Fame and Fortune are already within our grasp.  Wanna split it?


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